LBH Motors is a complete custom truck build and restoration shop specializing in ‘72-’96 trucks, as well as earlier and later eras. From minor rust repairs to frame-off and rebuilds, we do it all. While we can build a show-stopping show truck, we prefer to build reliable high-performance trucks that you can hop in and drive everyday. We will choose about 4-6 special trucks a year to build for the shop. These builds get completely disassembled, restored, painted made to be the perfect daily driver. Our current and upcoming builds are listed below. If you’d like to purchase or have one of our current truck builds custom made to your style, give us a call (713) 434-6567.

LBH Motors custom build


What does it take to custom build trucks with the wow factor? It takes guts, tools, knowledge, learning, determination, innovation and values. When we build a truck, we challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of style, standards and integrity.

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