1990 Suburban

Custom PAINT

Whether you want a partial or full truck paint job, we can get the job done. Ask us about custom matte paint for your vehicle.

Matte Paint Job

If you’re interested in getting a custom matte paint job for your vehicle, LBH Motors is the place to go.

Matte Paint Job

truck Restoration

LBH Motors is dedicated to making your dream truck come to life. Each project is completed by our team with broad experience in welding, mechanics, and all the necessary skills that will transform your ideas into reality.


With access to every major distributor and a shop full of just about any tool you can think of, there is no project LBH Motors can not handle. If it goes on a truck we can get it and install it. Our most popular installs include tonneau covers, aftermarket bumpers and lift kits.
Truck Accessories
Spray on Bedliner

Spray on Bedliner

Simply put, we are the best. Each truck is meticulously prepped to make the bedliner will last the life of your truck.

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